Written by BlackbirdGo October 18, 2021

Introduce yourself!

My name is Jeff Valladares. I am a hairstylist located in Los Angeles, working out of West Hollywood, specializing in hair cutting and styling.

What keeps you creative?

I work in a very creative field. Formerly known as the 'mullet king', I was lucky enough to have so many clients who allow me to express my craft and try exciting new things. Also very passionate about art, and always seeking inspiration. Going to museums and art galleries is my favorite thing to do with my fiancé.

What do you recommend listeners smoke when listening to this mix?

I only smoke either when I’m going out or going to bed, so this playlist reflects that. First half is meant for you to turn up for the function and second half is meant to get you ready for bed, but you can still listen all the way through for a good time. My favorite strain is Alien Dawg, especially for going out, but to get ready for bed I usually like something that ends in 'Cake'.

What's something you are excited about, right now?

I just moved to LA, so right now I’m excited about my new job with some amazing hairstylist, and getting to see more of what the city has to offer.