Stoned & Single

Written by Manila Hoang February 11, 2022
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Single’s Awareness Day got you feeling down? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you’ll notice that romantic partners have ransacked your local stores of the heart-shaped confections and gifts. If you happen to be single on this holiday (and it’s okay if you are) and you happen to be a stoner, it’s time to treat yourself. Just because you're flying solo, doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to celebrate, too. 

Woman spreading her arms out holding a bouquet of tulips in one hand.

This holiday can be daunting for a lot of people, but being single allows a chance to be comfortable with your own self. Solo activities are endless, but mixing it up with weed takes it to a whole other level. While everyone is cracking down on dinner reservations for the 14th, you can avoid the crowds and enjoy yourself. Being stoned and single isn’t really bad after all. Believe you me.

Here are some ideas and activities for the single stoner on Valentine’s.

  1. Get high with your best BUD. Whether it be your friend or a pet, nothing is better than rolling up with your best pal. Some Champagne Kush will leave you in a meditative state, feeling happy— perfect for V day.

A bowl of dried cannabis flower sits on top of a white desk.

2. Play your favorite video game. Plug in and play some of the best single player games out now like Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Sable, and Unpacking to name a few. Disposable pens like STIIIZY’s are an easy way to get ripped while you play. No need to pause your game sesh either.

3. Watch a new series. Perhaps being couch-locked is your thing and no better way to be than with a good show to binge. A romantic movie may kill your mood. Luckily, spin-off shows like The Single Life and Before the 90 Days are readily streamable. The 90-Day Fiancé franchise has it all; from love to absolute chaos. These shows may cause you to rethink the idea of a relationship.

4. Order takeout. Who doesn’t love a heart-shaped food item? Even if you’re not a Valentine’s Day kind of person, heart-shaped food hits different. Pizzas can be shaped like a heart and so can 50 tacos. It can’t get any lovelier than that. 

5. Start an art project. Regardless of medium, it’s an ideal time to get creative. Play some music or paint your magnum opus with a pre-roll. Zhuzh up your experience with a lineup of pre-rolls from Pacific Stone. Based in Southern California, this brand focuses on delivering high quality flower with consistency and affordable pricing. 

6. Go on a nature walk. Showing love to Mother Earth is another way to celebrate the relationship you have with yourself and nature. If you’re unable to access hiking trails, having a picnic with a few friends is a way to enjoy the outdoors. Edibles are easy to pack or you can take one before reconnecting with the earth. WYLD is fit for this occasion as it hails from Oregon, the playground for many outdoor enthusiasts and stoners alike.

7. Indulge in extra self-care with THC lotions from Dr. Solomon’s. Unlike topicals, Dr. Solomon’s transdermal formulas penetrate the skin past the epidermis to uniquely deliver cannabinoids for pain relief. The better you heal, the better you feel.

8. Treat yourself with a bouquet of bud. Cake Walk from Kings Garden is great paired with Cereal Milk from Cookies. It’s almost better than receiving actual flowers, and they’re more practical. 

Cookies' Cereal Milk logo sits on top of a picture of the cannabis strain developed by the popular cannabis company.

9. Make s’mores! If you don’t have space for a fire pit, you can get your own personal mini concrete fire pit to light up your joint and toast your jet-puffed mallow. Toke up with this tasty strain that’s a crossbreed of Stardawg and Pink Panther called none other than “S’mores.” Indica-dominant; this strain is known for its relaxing and euphoric effects.

10. Gift yourself with a new weed accessory. Don’t let your joint get crushed in your pocket. Laundry Day offers sleek and stylish pieces meant to be shown off even if you’re not using them. Their uniquely shaped pipes will add some flair to your smoking device collection. Sundae School is a streetwear clothing brand that provides discreet storage for your weed. The cross between fashion and function is the heart of this Asian-owned brand. 

Laundry Day's fashionable smokewear is inspiring and way more fun to use than your average ol' pipe.

11. Go to the drive-in. Kick back and enjoy a movie from your own vehicle. Be sure to pack yourself a bag full of your favorite munchies and drinks. Maybe a drop of a tincture such as Ilera’s Ease 10:1 CBD/THC in a big cup of blue ICEE will get you feeling buzzed.

12. Roll a heart joint. It will take quite a bit of weed to do this, but the result is gorgeous and will get you outright faded. It’s made with three separate joints intertwined to create the ultimate solo smoking session. A tutorial for this joint can be found here

Now that you have the inspiration, go forth and be stoned. And remember: you are love in its purest form, and you deserve all things lit. You can find weed products near you for online ordering at