The Future is Cashless: Using AeroPay on BlackbirdGo

Written by BlackbirdGo March 2, 2022
The Industry

The future is cashless. 

The cannabis industry is on its way to offering safe, secure and cashless payment options. We’re here to take the first steps into the cash-free horizon. Nevada-based dispensaries Thrive (Las Vegas), Essence (Las Vegas, Henderson), Las Vegas Releaf and Rise (Carson City, Spanish Springs) are now on the list of retailers you can order from and pay cashless with AeroPay. 

You may already use cash alternatives like Zelle and Venmo. You’ve probably thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could use a cashless payment app to order weed online?”

The solution is here, and we’re ready to show you how it works.


It is now easier than ever for you to shop for weed on BlackbirdGo. We partnered with AeroPay—a leader in financial technology that is reimagining the way money is moved in exchange for goods and services. AeroPay is a contactless, cashless payment solution perfect for cannabis dispensaries and shoppers alike.

AeroPay works by allowing shoppers to create an account by linking their bank account and paying for their order, all from their mobile device. Simply put, AeroPay facilitates direct ACH bank transfers between shoppers and businesses. No downloads, apps or sensitive information necessary!

Blackbird’s Guide to Contactless, Cashless Payments 

You no longer need to have cash on hand to pay for your pickup or delivery order from Thrive, Essence, Las Vegas Releaf and Rise dispensaries in Nevada. Simply link to your bank and pay online at checkout. Yes, it’s that simple. Click here to create an account today! 

So, how does it work? 

  1. Fill your shopping cart with all of the cannabis goodies you desire. 
  2. At checkout, select the AeroPay payment option. This will prompt you to create an account and link your bank. (You will need your bank credentials.) 
  3. Click the “pay” button and you’re all done. 

See how to make a payment on BlackbirdGo using AeroPay with our video.

Why not make your next visit to Thrive, Essence, Las Vegas Releaf or Rise even easier? Simply click here to create an account and start ordering your favorite products today!