The Blackbird Guide: Where To Eat & Drink In Reno

Written by BlackbirdGo April 6, 2018
The People

We made a lil 'things to do in Reno' guide for all our buds visiting for the Reno Cannabis Convention featuring our top picks on where to eat and drink this weekend. The conference is going to be super fun, and we can’t wait to see you all! If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, you can do that here.

Magpie Coffee Roasters

Good coffee is important. Start your weekend of conference-ing off with some Reno roasted beans at Magpie Coffee. This contemporary and inviting shop is the perfect spot to enjoy the caffeinated beverage of your choice. If you’re in a rush, you can pour your own coffee for a quick (but delicious) cup of joe.

Peg’s Glorified Ham & Eggs

Offering up the ultimate diner experience, Peg’s is the spot for breakfast. We almost always order the huevos rancheros, dubbed “Peg’s favorite breakfast”, which comes out in a steaming skillet accompanied by lots of tortillas. With huge portions, outstanding service and fresh squeezed orange juice, you can’t go wrong.

Los Gallos

Within walking distance from the Whitney Peak, Los Gallos is an outstanding taqueria. The Al Pastor tacos are insane, everything is well-seasoned and they’re fast, so you can get back to the fun of the Reno Cannabis Expo asap. Plus, they have free chips and salsa.


This cozy spot is only open in the evenings and is made from the stuff of your grandfather’s dream den. The rich mahogany walls (just kidding, we don’t know what kind of wood it is) are adorned with paintings by Blackbird employee and exceptionally talented portraitist, Jaxon Northon. Do yourself a favor and order the Royce Burger.

Pho 777

A Reno cult classic, this is the spot for Vietnamese. It’s always busy, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a table, and the ambience of the dining room is akin to a hospital cafeteria. We love it. Pho 777 is also a great option for vegetarians. Insider tip: Get the #11 with veggie broth or if you’re one of those people who digs ordering off-menu items, go with the tofu Bánh mì.

Great Full Gardens

For our health-nuts, our restricted dieters and our herbivores! If you’re looking to eat healthy, this is the spot. And you gotta try Gino The Soup Man soups — made in house, very tasty. Basically, they care about their ingredients and take a lot of pride in creating an experience centered around the well-being of their customers.

Southcreek Pizza

This Neapolitan style pizza joint is a little out of the way, but the pie is worth it. Their brick oven pizza crust is airy and light, and they have some super nice organic wines on the menu, too. Casual and inviting, the dining area is open to the kitchen, making for an intimate, lively dining experience.

Death & Taxes

For a bar named after a proverb that warns of the certainty of our worldly chains, they sure do make some out-of-this-world cocktails. Fully vibed out in all black decor, Death & Taxes is a destination spot for the dedicated imbiber. Fair warning: It’s a little pricey, but the atmosphere of this space and the quality of their cocktails justifies the luxury price tag.

Reno Public House

This is our favorite casual watering hole, complete with Big Buck Hunter and an impressive selection of craft drafts to wet your whistle after a long day of conference networking. Whether you prefer a dry-hopped cold one, a creamy porter, or an unsuspecting tripel — Reno Public House is a killer low-key place to spend an evening.

Louis’ Basque Corner

For an iconic Northern Nevada experience, you must go to Louis' for a traditional Basque meal. Founded in 1967, this family style dining experience boasts more food than you know what to do with (but will inevitably consume because it’s just that good). No meal here is complete without a Picon Punch, so make sure you order at least one — but never more than three.

Photograph: Laxalt & McIver