Weed Helps Keep the Joy in Creativity for Michael Moberly

Written by Haleigh Hoff May 13, 2021
The People

#weedthepeople is a series highlighting folx in the cannabis community, celebrating each unique and special relationship we all have with the cannabis plant. Today on #weedthepeople we talk with Michael Moberly, a bar and brand consultant living in Reno, NV.

Tell us about yourself

I am Michael Moberly, a consultant focused on creative direction, project management, events, and beverage solutions here in Reno, NV. I have been in the beverage industry for 14 years and started my own company last year, Temple Builders LLC. I am also a columnist for Edible Reno Tahoe Magazine where I write a beverage industry column called Drinks On You. I am happily married to the best gal in the whole wide world. I enjoy Legos, hats, comic books, and Crocs. Oh, and weed.

What is your relationship with weed?

Weed helps me center myself to be present in my life and body, it helps with the "be here now" idea. At any given time I am working on 10-15 creative projects or events, weed helps me stay balanced and focused on the joy of my life.

Joy is the creative center for all of my work and relationships so I do my best to be grateful and kind in order to help share the joy that fuels most everything in my life. Weed helps me share my gifts and stay true to myself and my values. 

photos via @mcmoberly Instagram

Fav way to consume?

Well I am a gadget daddy, I like all the weed toys. If its flower I love my Pax. If it's concentrate I use my AiroPro.

What have you been enjoying lately and why?

 I just found this brand CAMP and boy do I enjoy it! Super yummy with lots of tasty terpenes. 

Anything other feelings about weed you wanna share with us?

I am excited to watch the weed community grow and stay focused on positive change needed in drug policy. Organizations like the Last Prisoner Project need to stay on the top of everyone's mind while we continue to see growth in the industry and move towards nationwide decriminalization.

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