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Written by Haleigh Hoff March 24, 2021
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This week on Weed Like to Talk your pals Hal + Jamal excitedly break down the big news stories involving weed in the media from this past week. We love seeing cannabis in the news and breaking it all down for you.

This past week, Biden fires White House workers for past cannabis use. Justin Bieber sings about getting weed in California. Seth Rogen sells out of all his Houseplant branded weed products and expensive table lighters. And Ellen Degeneres tells America that she likes to drink Cann.

We discuss the 3-part docu-series by Vanity Fair and PAX Labs and you can watch that here. Discovery Plus is bringing a new weed-focused version of Chopped to TV near you on 4/20/21. Listen to the end to hear the crazy story about Cinnamon Toast Shrimp (below) and why we think that should become the name of the next hybrid weed strain.

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