Award-winning Budtender with a Serious Passion for Cannabis

Written by Haleigh Hoff March 26, 2021
The People

#weedthepeople is a series highlighting folx in the cannabis community, celebrating each unique and special relationship we all have with the cannabis plant. Today on #weedthepeople we talk with Rocky Hernandez. Rocky is an award-winning budtender in Las Vegas, Nevada and the co-host of The High Budtenders Podcast.

What's your relationship with weed?

My relationship with weed is not only my personal love for it but it's also my job. I love educating people on the cannabis plant.

What have you been enjoying lately and why?

I have been enjoying all flower strains by Green Life Productions. They do a no till living soil and its purely organic; so no pesticides, just the way nature intended. I am also keeping it real with Moxie rosins for the concentrate win! They know what's up when it comes to full-flavor dabs!

Fav way to consume?

My favorite way to consume is by rolling a joint with flower, concentrates, and kief.

Anything else you wanna tell us about your relationship with weed?

My relationship with weed is a love story about my life completely changing. Instead of having to be on a ton of anti-depressants, cannabis made it possible for me to love me again. It has helped me to define my future goals of working in the cannabis industry and has led me down a righteous path that I never thought would happen for me.

Rocky is a budtender and cannabis consultant in Las Vegas, NV. Besides being a Las Vegas local favorite in the cannabis industry, Rocky is a Budtender Awards winner and the co-host of the High Budtenders Podcast.