Getting Arrested for Cannabis Didn’t Stop His Love for the Plant

Written by Haleigh Hoff February 23, 2021
The People

#weedthepeople is a series highlighting folx in the cannabis community, celebrating each unique and special relationship we all have with the cannabis plant. Today on #weedthepeople we talk with long-time weed smoker Jack McGrath from Reno, NV.

What's your relationship with weed?

I’ve been smoking weed on and off since I was 14. We grew up smoking weed in parks and alleyways all over town trying to not get caught. It’s just something that I’ve always enjoyed.

If I had to choose one ‘vice’ for the rest of my life, it’d be weed hands down because it’s helped me in life creatively speaking. I’ve also gone to jail for weed, too, and I am a big advocate of freeing anyone convicted of cannabis bullshit charges! Basically weed for LIFE!

Fav way to consume?

I only smoked flower for majority of my life but since legalization I am super into weed carts because of how discreet they are. You’ll catch me with one in my bag often.

Oh yeah, and I DON'T do edibles after tripping out eating a cake with a pound of weed in it for my homies birthday. So, yeah, smoking only.

Anything else you wanna tell us about your relationship with weed?

I’ll leave this with a quote from one of my favorite artists, Quasimoto. “Throw this record on, pack a bowl, take a hit.”

Here's Return of the Loop Digga by Quasimoto so you can listen along for the full experience.

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