Cannabis as a Means to Creativity and Expression

Written by Haleigh Hoff March 4, 2021
The People

#weedthepeople is a series highlighting folx in the cannabis community, celebrating each unique and special relationship we all have with the cannabis plant. Today on #weedthepeople we talk with Hernan aka XVII, a model and creative from Reno, NV.

What's your relationship with weed?

I'm 22 years old and a model from Reno, Nevada. I love the local scene in the city, I was born and raised here and have seen the growth of the city which inspired me to grow along with it. I've been a recreational cannabis user for some time now and it helps me keep my creative process flowing.

What have you been enjoying lately and why?

I've been enjoying sativa-dominant hybrid strains as of late because the high is very active. I'm able to get a lot done and by the time I finish my body is ready to relax. I've held a close relationship with weed for a while. Being high makes life go by a little smoother and makes days more fun.

Fav way to consume?

As a creative, smoking boosts my ability to see certain angles or put together a style. My eyes get opened in a different way so I like to be steady with my use so I have all of my potential sprouting at the same time.

Anything else you wanna tell us about your relationship with weed?

Fashion has been my one passion for the past couple years, so my involvement with weed goes really well with the dream I'm pursuing today.

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