Welcome to the New BlackbirdGo

Written by Jamal Barghouti February 20, 2020
The Industry

Welcome to the all new BlackbirdGo. We’ve taken the last several months to rebuild our website from the ground up and now we’re really excited to show you all that it has to offer. More filtering, more product information, and new ways to explore the changing cannabis landscape; we’ve made our menus to be more similar to how you shop for other things online. If you’re the kind of person who jumps into things before reading the instructions, feel free to do that now.

Creating an Account

Before you start shopping on our new site, you have to create an account. If you have been shopping with us before, you can login here There are four steps to creating an account on BlackbirdGo: 

  1. Enter your email and create a password
  2. Legal name and phone #
  3. Delivery address
  4. Medical card and government ID

Once you’ve uploaded a photo of your government ID (and medical card, if applicable) then your account needs to be verified by someone on our team before placing an order for delivery. Verifications usually take less than five minutes during business hours, and it’s the first thing we check in the morning. If it seems that your verification is taking longer than you expected, you can chat with us using the “need help” button located at the bottom of the page.

Shopping on BlackbirdGo

We recreated BlackbirdGo to be more like your experience buying other things online. In addition to filtering by cannabis types or categories, like sativa or concentrate, you can filter by cannabis brand making it easier to find new products to love from your favorite brands. You can also sort products by their THC or CBD percentage and price; two major factors in anyone’s cannabis purchasing decisions. Pick your filters, fill your cart, and place your order. If you placed an order for pick-up, we’ll text you when it’s ready. If you placed an order for delivery, we’ll text you when your order is filled, and when we pick it up to bring it to you.

Please keep in mind that due to federal regulations, we’re currently cash only. If this sounds like an inconvenience, please write your representatives and tell them to support cannabis as an industry and to support cannabis banking legislation.

Loyalty and Rewards

Many dispensaries have loyalty programs like your favorite local coffee shop, except the rewards are usually better. Dispensaries with a loyalty program have a Rewards tab that can be found at the top of their menu. The Rewards tab is your dashboard for loyalty and rewards; there you can find available rewards, your current point balance, and how many points you need until you reach the next level of that dispensary’s loyalty program. Clicking on one of these rewards will automatically add it to your cart with the appropriate discount applied. Getting rewarded for shopping for weed on your couch has never been easier.

Order History and Delivery Status

In your BlackbirdGo account, you can see your complete order history and the delivery status of current orders. This means that after you have placed an order on BlackbirdGo, you can return to your order history to see the status of your order in progress. Your order goes through multiple steps (and hands) to get to you and will be one of these:

  • Order Received
  • Preparing
  • Ready for Pick-up (this is when you would get a text if you’re ordering for pick-up)
  • Ready for Delivery (this is when you would get a text if you’re ordering for delivery)
  • On-the-Way (if you ordered delivery, you will get a text when we’re on the way with an estimated time of arrival)
  • Delivered


Explore the cannabis landscape with us through Discover, where we will be sharing different perspectives on cannabis -- both the plant and the industry. Discover is where we like to talk about the communities we live and work in, share some artists we <3, and talk about important topics like social equity in cannabis or how cannabis can affect the opioid epidemic . If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can also sign up for our newsletter; that way we’ll bring all that discovering to you.

That pretty much covers the basics. You’re now ready to spread your wings and place your first (or maybe just next) order.