What’s in a Pre-roll Anyway?

Written by Pierce Baker October 29, 2021
The Product

Pre-rolls are becoming more popular by the day throughout the cannabis industry. Cannabis consumers enjoy pre-rolls mainly for their convenience, low-cost, and the classic feeling of smoking a joint. Millennial and Gen-Z consumers are creating a large demand for pre-rolls in addition to the variety of pre-rolls. Pre-rolls can come in different sizes, and mini pre-rolls are the most popular among young adult consumers.

We’ll examine how pre-rolls are made and why they are becoming so popular among certain demographics. Then, we will identify the different kinds of pre-rolls available in the market today.

Pre-rolled joints for convenience

Before states started legalizing the use of medical or recreational cannabis, rolling your own joint was necessary. Today, dispensaries create pre-packaged smoke products ready for the lighter. Pre-rolls often contain “shake” or smaller parts of cannabis bud that didn’t make it into packages of flower. Many people believe shake is of lower quality since it has less cannabinoids and terpene.

However, pre-rolls aren’t necessarily low-grade because they contain shake. Many brands available on BlackbirdGo.com offer pre-roll joints with fresh, high quality preground buds ensuring potent results to the consumer. And they’re rolled by machines - no licking required. 

Machines help prevent human error when rolling joints, providing a consistent amount of weed in each perfect pre-roll.

To understand pre-rolls, consider the process behind smoking cannabis flower. When you light a joint, it heats up the plant matter to approximately 1,472oF. The plant’s original non-psychoactive THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) turns into its psychoactive form of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or what makes you, “high”. To understand this process in more detail, click here. Let’s take a look into whether buying pre-rolls is right for you.

Photo by Dad Grass on Unsplash

The pros and cons of pre-rolls


  • Pre-rolls are ready-to-smoke products convenient for trying new strains of cannabis.

  • Pre-rolls are portable and perfect for traveling or social outings.

  • Infused pre-rolls, joints rolled in kief or painted with oil, offer a much more potent result than regular doubies. These are perfect products for special occasions with friends!


  • Since joints are still made with flower, it still has to be burned to be activated. 

  • Once you light a joint, there will be smoke residue that is sure to leave an odor others will notice. 

  • Unfortunately, pre-roll joints offer less of a variety than just buying packages of flower itself.

Apart from the general advantages and disadvantages of pre-rolls, consider which different types of pre-rolls exist along with their respective strains. As the cannabis industry inevitably grows, so do your options.

Different smokes for different folks

Mini Pre-Rolls: Traveling soon and need a convenient option? Mini pre-rolls with .5 grams or less of greens might be the appropriate choice. Dogwalkers, an organization dedicated to partnering with others to help animals in need nationwide, offers high quality bud with different strains available on blackbirdgo.com. Numerous products with sativa, indica or hybrid strains each with different flavors are ready to be purchased for a fantastic cause. Mini pre-rolls are also a great option for social smokers only wanting to take a couple puffs with friends.

Regular Pre-Rolls:

  • The Doubie: This iconic joint contains anywhere from .5 grams to 1.5 grams of greens rolled in bleached or unbleached paper. This joint is famous for its twisted tip at the end.

  • The King-Sized Doubie: If smoking a doubie is a rite of passage within the cannabis industry, perhaps the King-Sized Doubie is reserved only for royalty consumers. Although largely the same design as its subject, these majestic doubies require bigger paper for a fatter hit. 

The Infused Pre-Roll: 

  • The Snake in the Grass: Many of us grew up on dipping apples in caramel for a special occasion. Consider this joint as the adult version of the candied apple. Take your doubie and wrap it around a bed of flower for a bit of caramel you’ve never before experienced.

  • The Rolled Doubie: So you’ve wrapped your cannabis around a blanket of cannabis. Why not roll it around a bit more cannabis? Simply take your rolled doubie and rotate it within some kief. The result is triple the fun. 

  • The Caviar Joint: Perhaps contrary to popular belief, stoners live a life of luxury. Since the times of ancient Greece, caviar has been considered a delicacy. In the cannabis industry, the caviar joint provides an eloquent and potent experience to consumers, too. Dipped in rosin and dusted off with high quality kief, this pre-roll is deserving of its name. 

For more examples of infused pre-rolls, click here.

If you’ve reached this point, we imagine you’re interested in purchasing a pre-roll. So how do you buy one? Your local dispensary should have everything you need without having to wait for a delivery service. Yet, as the world becomes remote, why not order from the comfort of your own home knowing BlackbirdGo has everything you require? Simply enter your current location, find your favorite brand and choose to your heart’s delight. 

We’ve mentioned Dogwalkers as a great choice for becoming attached to a brand as a portion of the proceeds in every product purchased goes to deserving animal shelters across the nation.

Blackbird Recommended Pre-rolls

gLeaf: This brand offers whole plants for medical cannabis producing exotic strains like gLeaf Honey Banana or gLeaf Blue Cheese. Countless options are available on Blackbirdgo.com. But check out a few pre-rolls available online.

  • Blue Cheese Pre-Roll: This classic hybrid pre-roll combines berry and blue cheese to create a creamy and unique flavor blue cheese fans are sure to love.

  • Mai Tai Pre-Roll: Feeling tropical? Named after one of the most famous Tiki drinks in the world, this joint is a collection of sweet flavors and aromas perfect for social smokers.

Cannavative: Many Nevadans take great pride in supporting local businesses. If this is the case for you, Cannavative produces one of the most successful CBD product lines in the nation made exclusively in Nevada.

  • Mimosa Motivator Infused Pre-Roll: There’s only one rule when drinking mimosas: It’s always a good time to drink a mimosa. Similarly, this pre-roll is portable and delicious near you.

Note: Pre-rolls are prone to aging. Be sure to keep them dry, cool and air-tight when finished smoking.

If you find out pre-rolls just aren’t your style, many other forms of cannabis exist, too. Many cannabis consumers prefer the artistic design and personal attachment to a pipe. A bong is a great way to go for those looking to get a lot of smoke out of a single bowl. To find out more tools to smoke, click here.

Knowing all this, you may still decide to visit a smoke shop and grab some paper to roll a joint yourself. You can prevent “canoeing” or burning the joint unevenly by ensuring the joint is rolled tightly. Check out this tutorial on rolling a joint from Blackbird.