Winter Soulstice Vol. 2

Written by BlackbirdGo December 20, 2021

Introduce yourself!

Whaddup! I'm Yaz. I'm a part of Blackbird's Data Admin team, we keep these menus movin'! I'm a sunrise enthusiast, crazy cat theydy & gaymor.

What keeps you creative?

Reading - I express myself creatively through food & run a side biz as an Ice Cream/Pie maker with my wife so I am constantly reading culinary books and flavor theory to keep myself as sharp as possible now that cooking is not my day job. I also LOVE to do holiday baking and try to push myself with technical home bakes. I'm determined to get a Paul Hollywood handshake one day!

What is your favorite product on BlackbirdGo, right now?

Cereal Milk flower by SoL Cannabis! I love them!!

What’s something you are excited about, right now?

I recently picked up some vinyl turntables and a mixer as an early holiday gift (treat yo' self), so I'm eager to learn how to mix well and develop some killer DJ skills.